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Tree Surgeons in St Austell, Cornwall

Tom pugh is a tree surgeon in St Austell who works extensively in and around the St Austell area in Cornwall and offers the following tree surgeon and timber services.

Tom is a highly experienced tree surgeon company working on both domestic and commercial sites in Cornwall.

Expert Tree Surgeons offering the best advice in the interests of the customer

Tom Pugh tree surgery services

I am very passionate about the tree care industry and the standards to which I believe should be of the highest order.

With recent reports of bogus outfits producing some truly horrific work, the tree surgeon industry is certainly taking a little bit of a battering in terms of customers needing to be very careful about who undertakes work.

It means that I need to keep my standards consistently high as one of the standout tree surgeons in St Austell.

You will find my team incredibly caring to your needs. We stand by our ability to provide clear expert tree advice and by providing full explanations of how we will tackle your tree-related problems.

Our excellent reputation is well established in the St Austell area, which is the reason why a lot of our work is quoted for on the premise of word of mouth.

We feel that this is a testament to the great tree surgery work that we do.

We offer a trusted and reliable tree care service and pride ourselves on our ever-growing reputation in St Austell.

Why do the people of St Austell thinks our tree surgeon services are excellent?

It would be very self-loathing and an indulgent practice for us to wax lyrical about “how good we are” and we are sure that every single tree surgeon in St Austell will want to announce themselves as “the best tree surgeon in St Austell“.

We like to give our customers a lot more evidence of just how good we are.

We believe that your customer feedback speaks volumes for your workmanship and there is no better way for us to showcase this than through such mediums as; social media and online independent reviews.

Please see below our facebook reviews.

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